Greener life

Everything that we produce, buy or throw affect the environment. As the population increases on Earth, we need to review our habits to create a sustainable future. Designer Bolig design conditions for you to live green. Then it’s up to us to seize the opportunity.

Environment Design

Our environmental work is called Environmental Design. A building from us will be flagged with a symbol that meets the most stringent environmental requirements as they can now work for. Environmental equipment and materials in our buildings is what you can expect.

Enjoyment is also a good environment

Residential development is about much more than just building houses where there are lots. We also place great emphasis on the environment outside and around your home. There are many important aspects to take into consideration, as it is close to the grocery store, school, hospitals, cultural and sports facilities or the kids have a safe place in the neighborhood to unfold in. Leaving the car should be easy, so you can use public transport whenever you want. Being able to take the bike when it’s nice and safe cycling routes in your neighborhood is also very good.

Energy Classification

On our home page you will very soon be able to see the energy class of all our homes. Such energy classification do not provide any guaranteed energy consumption, but you can use this to compare to other homes. Our promise to you is to be at the forefront of every subject of our environmental work.