Everyday environment

Designer Bolig will give you a home where you can rest assured that you’ve made a good choice, both for the future and for the environment. Here is a guide to a greener life. A little here and a little there, quickly becomes very much if we all just do a little ..

flowerCoordinate with neighbors

There are many ways to coordinate everyday. Weekly shopping with some of your neighbors, pick up work comrades on your way to work, or try the “longest run” to school. Create a schedule with the children’s classmates and change to go to school together.

flowerLower the temperature

Lower the temperature a few degrees at home, you can save big money. The difference between an inside temperature of 23 degrees and 20 degrees can reduce your electricity bill by several hundred Euro. Put on sheepskin slippers and a long sleeve shirt. Lower the temperature. How much can you save?

flowerTurn off the TV – all of

Find out how many units you have on standby at home. Do not forget mobile charger, it uses as much power, either charging the phone or not. Be sure to turn off every night, or go to the nearest electric shop and buy a bunch of timers. A good and inexpensive investment.

flowerMore waste sorting.

It does not take many minutes to sort their garbage. If you are careful, you will discover that it is actually not so much combustible household waste. Do you live as a house or townhouse with its own garbage collection, you can reward yourself to call a cleaning company and ask for a smaller garbage container and perhaps fewer flushes.

flowerSwitch to low energy lamps

An energy saving bulb draws about one quarter of what a conventional bulb user. Go through your lamps and remember not to toss old bulbs in the garbage, they will be sorted as electronic waste because they contain hazardous substances.

flowerBe smarter in the kitchen

Thinking about buying new white goods? Choose them wisely. Kitchen is responsible for a large part of our energy and you can save a lot of energy. A convection oven allows you to lower the temperature while the food gets finished faster. The same applies for induction. If you do not have a stove, you can still save energy by heating water in the kettle instead of on the stove. In our new home, you can expect that all appliances are high-energy class.

flowerOrder in and behind the refrigerator

A common fridge will hold 5 ° C and the freezer should not be colder than -18 ° C, otherwise it use unnecessary amount of power to keep the temperature down. Pack your fridge full, fill with canned if you have room to spare and vacuum behind the refrigerator and around the compressor. When it gets too dusty cooling system will require a lot of extra energy.

flowerBe smarter in laundry

It is many environmental point to bring in the laundry room. Wash properly so that you save both money and the environment. Just use full washing machines, washing rather on longer time at a lower temperature and amount of detergent for what it says on the package.

flowerShower with a cleaner conscience

Without water there would not be any life and if it is something we should be afraid of, it’s just the availability of water. We have no problem of water shortage in Norway, but to create clean water requires a lot of energy. Low-flow toilets and faucets are good, but remember to brush your teeth with the tap off and turn off the shower while shampooing you.

flowerNearly new

An easy way to save money and the environment is to refurbish old furniture. Personally signed and often it is enough with a little color. Another option is to buy second hand and it does not mean you compromise on quality. Stroller, baby alarm, high chair, baby harness, changing table – the list of new products indispensable for families is long. Many things are also just a short period of time and when the last child has outgrown them, so they are not used anymore. Liver old clothes and things for recycling or sell online.

flowerEnergy efficiency through measures to reduce energy consumption

Water: Not is reduced water use only a gain in itself, less energy to heat water and pumps. Lower water consumption = lower cost also for the purification of drinking water and waste water treatment and wastewater. Sustainable materials. We set high standards for care and service. Nothing new that there is legal materials that are health and environmentally hazardous substances. Where there are less harmful alternatives we will use it.

Environment Course is a fixed agenda with us.

We gather the resources we need from the soil, forest, sea. How well do we manage natural resources? Can nature recover after we’ve taken out what we need? Retains animals and people in the surrounding their livelihoods even if we use wood from their forest?

The Earth is a treasure: Filled with useful, beautiful and powerful resources. But betrayed is not infinite, and the critical question is: Will there still be something to get here in 5 years? About 50? About 250?

Designer Bolig is pleased to say that we take the environment seriously.